How to Ghost on the BlockChain – Privacy in Crypto Trading 1/1/2018

Ghost on the BlockChain while you do your trades.

Let’s start our concept story like this. You are a Cryptocurrency investor and You have spent time and money creating an online presence trading Cryptocurrencies and from Jan 1 2018 you have been informed that you will be monitored, it could be from any person, thing, entity but any transaction you make from this point on will have a digital fingerprint.

To Ghost on the blockchain is means to create a new identity in all forms of crypto currency and to abide by Ghosting rules. The Blockchain is not anonymous anymore, never was, but nobody envisioned a tracing of addresses so now we are presented with a problem. There are global government entities that now as of Jan 1st would like you to account for all of your transactions for Tax or usage fees payable to a government.

This was going to happen. There are ways around this. If we simply fall off the Blockchain and go Ghost we can avoid some of these issues until it is time to cash out. We can now globally cash out meaning that we do not have to rely on our own country to withdraw Cryptocurrencies.


Please note: As always, this is a quickly written and hopefully detailed. I am a Hacker and my skills are Hacking not writing so I wrote this up quickly and you will see grammar and spelling errors and TMI, ignore them. I am trying to break past being such a quiet person and hopefully provide my knowledge to those who seek it without repercussion so if you don’t like the way it is written  just move on. Every new post is therapy for me and I learn something new in writing so this is two fold for both of us.


You get a text from a friend that reads:

I know some things that you don’t know, as I sit here and write this out I am in a building located in Washington, DC sitting somewhere between the Treasury, Federal Reserve and the State Department. I see what is coming and I want you to know that I have a plan. Well it might not be full proof but it will be just what you need for the next few years. Look for my email -M


HIs plan is divided into two parts.

Your friend has a plan, he shoots you a ProtonMail message with the following instructions:

  1. The first part is getting to the point of going Ghost and we will need to follow certain  steps to make it to Ghost like behavior, you will have to pay fees and you will have to sell what you have but of course you will buy them back under a new Ghost persona.
  2. The second part is just a normal route on how to buy sell and trade. How to store your winnings safely and then how to deduct them.

So the concept your friend is trying to present to you is the equivalent to halting your current Cryptocurrency trading life and creating a new one… but he mentions must be done in specific steps. 

The steps are anonymity topped on top of anonymity. Once the accounts and devices needed for your anonymity are in order the actual daily process is very minimal. It would take no longer to sign in and make a trade and in some ways the Ghost processes will give you more options.

To achieve this we will need specific hardware and you will need to create new accounts but once this is complete you will be back to your good old trading self and you should not have any more issues.



So why ProtonMail, created by CERN scientist as the need for privacy arose during leaks of their research. ProtonMail is based in Sweden and is exempt from government spying. As far as the email platform ProtonMail is heavily encrypted, you have to make two passwords one to get into your account and one to decrypt the encryption on all of your files.

You will need to use ProtonMail as your main and first email account, With the encryption you can even use your ProtonMail account as a text safe place, account info backup. Think of ProtonMail as a place to store extremely important txt files and usernames and passwords… normally this would never be suggested but ProtonMail offers additional encryption. Get the free account for now. We will then go to Google and set up a version of a Google account without a Gmail so that we can use that account with our Android trading phone, Google Apps and Google Voice.



VPN can be paid for in Bitcoin to further remain anonymous, sign up anonymously using your ProtonMail account and pay for service using bitcoin. – Use Airvpn on phone, tablet and computer during Crypto transactions. Using the vpn you can still perform transactions from home, office or Starbucks.

AirVpn is located in France, does not keep records and is used by hackers and political activist around the globe. AirVpn is highly regarded as safe on privacy. AirVpn has unique features that other VPNs do not have like the ability to use Tor to VPN as a tunnel and vice versa…. VPN to Tor (They run their own Tor node) of course you will need to know about VPNs to do the more advance features but they are a favorite VPN among hackers. You can read about AirVpn and Tor here.

Let’s talk more about why AirVpn is the choice. You can run 5 devices, computers at the same time so it is like getting 5 VPN accounts for the price of one. You can run it on your phone while also simultaneously run it on your server. You can use the AirVpn “Eddie” software to dial in automatically on your computer and the Eddie software has “Network Lock” this is a feature that kind of seals the computer you are running the VPN on so that all communication MUST go through the VPN, so there is no leakage of data and must tunnel all packets to AirVpn.

We will put Airvpn on your Android phone and on a Windows 10 VM which will be your trading platform.


Air VPN - The air to breathe the real Internet

Google Account

Yeah we will need a google account, preferably one without email as you should never link it together if you want full anonymity. You can use free sms sites for email phone verification. Follow this link to sign up for a Google account without Gmail

Trading Phone

The phone is important. You are buying a second phone but you should under no circumstances EVER put it on the cell network or on a wireless provider while you use it as a trade phone. The phone will be extremely basic, only apps that you use for Trading will be placed on the phone, no social media, no Facebook no twitter. I will show you how to encrypt the phone and you will set a pattern lock not a pin. This phone will accompany  you and be your second phone, you will carry two phones, your personal and this trade phone.

You can buy a spare Android phone and pay for it with Bitcoin, Overstock will accept Bitcoin and even has a decent selection of Android phones. We will never activate or place the phone on a cellular service, we will just use the WiFi feature while putting the phone in Airplane mode.

Lets get in depth on the trading phone.

M’s trading phone was purchased off Overstock and paid for in Bitcoin. You do not have to buy this phone. The phone is OK, not the best, its only use is for Trading Crypto and was bought with Crypto. The phone M bought was a BLU Tank Xtreme 5.0 and was on sale for $60 with free shipping. Would he recommend this? Not sure.. anyway, It was purchased due to it being cheap and rugged, waterproof and the 3000mAh battery. The screen is easily scratched or scuffed but it is not a bad phone for doing what is needed.

First was to scan the phone for bloatware and then remove all miscellaneous apps. From the bottom tray the phone and text app was removed and replaced by the VPN client and Google authentication apps.

Second was to encrypt the phone. You might see a slight performance reduction but nothing that will case headaches. Once your phone is encrypted if it was ever taken away from anyone you could simply choose not to unlock it and unless they could some how decrypt the phone, nobody would ever know what was on the phone.


Apps to add:


OpenVPN Connect

Google Authenticator

Ledger Authenticator (Ledger wallet)



Google Voice

You can place the phone in Airplane mode while being able to use the WiFi. So turn on Airplane mode and then turn on WiFi. Now when you go to Work, Starbucks and home all you have to do is start the OpenVpn client first and then after connection you can open your Binance App anywhere and make trades on the fly.

VM Windows Desktop

So we will also run a Virtual Machine using VMware. We will use Windows 10 non activated version. Set it up as a local account not linked to a online web account. We will sign into our new trading account that we made with our Protonmail email.

The only programs we will need on the VM for now is Biniance and Eddie and a browser. You can add your trading websites later. It would be great to set up Home RealVNC on your main computer so you can VNC/RDP to it at anytime.

Home RealVNC will give you 5 free connections and you have to dig around the site to find it but it is free. Home Real VNC setup.

The Bininace client can be only run on windows at this time and it is similar to the web interface without the downtime of the website interface. You can get it here. Once Eddie is running it will be fully tunneled into the AirVPN and you can choose which county you would like to run the Bininace app in, in the example below we are using Canada, we also use the same VPN location (Canada) on the phone to match the app and client.

With our VM running we will only have access to the main computer running the VM and not the VM container as the VPN would prevent us from making VNC connections as it would be considered a leak. So we run the VM in full mode on our main computer and log into our main computer. The cool thing about running our trade platform in this VM is that we can access it from anywhere on any computer – cross platform. We can log into our VM trading platform from any type of computer Linux,Mac, Windows and from any location in the world.

You could even take this further, if you set up a Bulletproof Hosting VPS (Virtual Private Server) you could migrate your trading VM to a Bulletproof VPS. A VPS is similar to a web host but instead of websites it is just a remote server for running applications, bots, web scrapers. You can find some that companies that sell VPS services outside of the country and accept Bitcoin anonymously and run your trading VM on it. Additionally even on a Bullitproof VPS you can run your AirVpn for additional security.

Ledger Wallet

The Ledger wallet is an amazing little piece of hardware. Let me explain why, The Ledger has a chip in it and once you first set up the Wallet the software checks the chip on the fob to see if there has been any corruption during transport. It can be considered hack proof. The Ledger wallet handles all of your private keys and to perform any transaction using the Ledger you have to press a key on the Ledger Fob, this means you have to be holding the Ledger fob in hand to make transactions.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Another cool aspect of the Ledger wallet is you actually don’t need it once set up, what i mean is once the Ledger wallet is set up properly and you have the 24 keywords and your pin. You can use any other new ledger wallet to transfer your crypto to it simply by setting up a fob with the same 24 seed keywords and your original pin. Traveling internationally you can take the Ledger wallet or leave it and get a new one at your new destination (as long as you have the seed words and pin). You can literally carry millions of dollars on this small device.

If you are a book reader you can find a book and Highlight your seed words, number them, and take the book outside the country… reconfigure the ledger with the words from within your book…spy style.

Additionally, The ledger wallet is not tied to you in any way, there is no connection to the wallet to your name, email or phone number. It is anonymous hardware and as you create the seed words that is the only identity.

Also, for every Cryptocurrency the wallet gets one main secret address and every transaction to the fob will always get a fresh new wallet address. So one main wallet address masked by new fresh addresses to further make it harder to trace transactions. You can save and use all new fresh addresses to even further make yourself anonymous, they are not one time use.


At this point your hardware should be set up. You should have the Crypto Trading phone running VPN with your new android account. You you should have your VM trading platform which you can access from anywhere in the world. You should have your new Crypto trading platforms set up under your new ProtonMail account. 

Move The Crypto.

All that is left is moving your finances and in this case you will most likely have to sell out. The timing on moving finances is important, we will be liquidating all Crypto for one coin and then transferring that coin to your Crypto Trading phone and then re uploading the coin into your trading accounts, yes fees are involved again. You should choose a privacy coin and one that can make your transactions secret. This is the final step but again you can lose money if you do this wrong so you have to take time and watch the market for fluctuation at this point.

From your current trading platform (before ghost) you can transfer your privacy coin to a privacy coin app on your personal smartphone. This is where the crypto trail will end from your current personal persona to your new untraceable one.You will have the same app installed on your Crypto trading phone and move the Crypto between the two phones. When you trade between Privacy wallets under the privacy trade setting it will transfer all coins undetectable and untraceable. You can use the Nav coin and NavPay app to do this. Navpay has a feature where all nav coins transferred can be private and untraceable so you can simply move Nav coins to Nav wallets and halt the fingerprinting of your transactions.

You can use any privacy coin here but the concept is using the privacy coin to liquidate your account and then refill it with equity, from that point you can repurchase all coins you had for trading. You will have to time the market right and you will need to dedicate a day or night to make sure you move the process without any issues. You are essentially selling converting and rebuying. The privacy coin is just the middle man.


What about my Ledger wallet?

So your probably wondering cant I just transfer my Bitcoin to my ledger wallet and be secure? Why do i need to transfer to a privacy coin first?

Bitcoin and almost every other coin at this point is traceable. If you move your bitcoin to a wallet before going ghost you may inadvertently use the same wallet address or the same hardware fob on a device that is connected to your real world persona. If you plug in your Ledger wallet on your home PC or personal phone even just once how do you know there is not an app or malware that can read the wallet address tied to it then it is tied to you, paranoid? yes that is the point of going ghost, thinking ahead. BTW if there was a hacker trying to steal bitcoin this is exactly what I would do I would exploit a phone app or malware to read your private key. The thing you have to understand is all hardware has some sort of identifying address, that is how BIOS and low level applications can talk to it.

Ledger does not keep your address attached to your fob but if you attach your fob to your personal computer or phone without the proper steps who is to say someone in the future cannot read, trace or find who has that device? Ledger is amazing about privacy and you should also be amazing too.

So how is Bitcoin traceable? Governments, Individuals, Hackers and Organized criminals have ways to detect and trace all Bitcoin transactions. There are traders whom track Bloackchain wallets just to predict uprising in coin trades.The less of this information they can gather the less you will be a target.

Use your Ledger wallet after you go ghost to store all your Crypto offline. If you ever have to cash out quickly in an emergency you can just connect it to any computer and transfer it out, worst case scenario… The ledger does not rely on being ghost but you should try hard to use it ghost first.  Move all your winning to your Ledger. Store your ledger in a fireproof safe or safety deposit box. All you need is the incoming wallet address (just use one of the previously issued incoming wallet addresses.) just transfer coins to that, you really only have to hook it up when you transfer out. The fob can stay in a safe while you add coins to it using one of the public keys it issues to you. Keep that public key in your ProtoMail account for easy access.

So I apologize I wrote this like a brain dump, free hand, very quickly. I plan on coming back in the next few days and cleaning it up. Please come back for a proper post but until then you can get the idea of what M is trying to tell you.

Updating, More to come….


Crash and Burn – Hackers 1995

Crash and Burn

NongNooch Gardens and Dinosaur Valley – Pattaya, Thailand

NongNooch Gardens

NongNooch Gardens is located in Pattaya. I am going to tell you that this has to be one of the coolest features of Pattaya. If you are in Pattaya, Thailand I highly recommend stopping in here and taking some pictures… you will be here for hours. I think I had planned only 2 hours but I stayed well over 4 hours in the Gardens.

So what can you do in the NongNooch Gardens?

  1. Ride and feed elephants.
  2. Take picture with live Tiger.
  3. Take pictures with Birds
  4. Feed fish… gigantic fish!
  5. Watch amazing cultural show (hands down awesome show)
  6. Eat.
  7. Walk the gardens… So many photography spots (your girl will love being here for pictures)
  8. See the Gigantic and lifelike Dinosaurs in the Dinosaur valley.

The NongNooch Gardens are well established and I really think it would take several million American dollars to recreate something like these gardens in the US. The gardens were founded in 1954 and set on 600 acres. They are absolutely beautiful (I am a dude and rarely sat that…lol)  There are parts of this place that are so surreal! Like parts of this place that will have you feeling you are in a different time and space.

Dinosaur valley

Hands down I have never seen such detail in the design and looks of the dinosaurs within the valley. It really is like you are standing next to the real thing. These are lifelike, gigantic towering Dinosaurs.  If it wasn’t for this garden being well established I guarantee that you would not find the amount of detail, it would just cost way to much, but here it must be easier for them to create.

Anyway, Hack the Planet and on to my next adventure, please enjoy some quick video of NongNooch Gardens and Dinosaur Valley which can all be seen on the grounds of NongNooch Gardens Pattaya Thailand.



Could Hyper Poverty Come Soon? NEOAMERICA 2018

Could Hyper poverty come soon? NEOAMERICA 2018

I always try to predict what future trends I see, if you look to my past NeoAmercian post (Jan 2017) you will see that I am almost right… this new trend is concerning to me but it must be discussed as I see no one mentioning it. 

There has been a push for world wide communism. Many Millennials would easily trade inalienable rights granted by their nations for a ideology with communal framework, universal earned income, universal expansive rights. Ironically the want for a communal framework and universal earned income is being pushed and validated by some of the worlds most wealthiest billionaires.  

This is a push because America as a world leader is going through massive changes. Back in the mid 2000’s the American dollar was constantly under attack and constantly being devalued and downgraded. This was reflective in arts such as various movies with a dystopia lifestyle.

Now that America is starting to recover from the mid 2000’s crash we are moving into more liberal acceptance of American economic growth. I mean, we are accepting new types of financial independence and types of financial growth. We are willing to take whatever we can get.

The emerging threat which is not being discussed is Hyper Poverty and this will not be a result of some government program. This new Hyper Poverty will not be some result of natural disaster. Depending on your belief this will shock you but the Hyper Poverty driven society will be the direct result of a handful. How could Hyper Poverty occur?


Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Will Reinvent The Industry As We Know It.

Artificial Intelligence Trading (AIT) has been revamped and improved beyond Moore’s law. Last month AIT became a reality with several billionaire investors backing the technology while a few top banks joined in. What does this mean for you? If you are not invested now you will never be invested…ever. The same concept you can see with our current housing market, if you were not bought in before the boom you will have the most difficult time getting a home.

What can this Artificial Intelligence Trading (AIT)  do for you? Well if you are a Billionaire that owns the “cloud” or a billionaire that owns newspapers and media companies this means you have advantage to analytic trends before average citizens. If you are one of these billionaires this means you could even drive trends into your favor, fake news and sophisticated leaking of news.

What can Artificial Intelligence Trading (AIT) do for you if you are a normal citizen? It can drive you into debt, hyperinflation, unemployment. No matter how you invest you will never beat the Artificial Intelligence Trading (AIT). No matter how much you own you will never be successful as the Billionaire that owns an AIT platform.  AI and robotics are already transforming the future work environment, seek out the list of AI and robotics that will replaces workers in 20 years and avoid these careers.

Hedge your money in various Cryptocurrency not because some fall of America but as a hedge against rising inflation and future possible poverty …but be warned  Artificial Intelligence Trading (AIT) will also be invested with you there too

Until then they will distract you with politics and movie star drama.



OSI Levels and Firewalls

OSI Levels and Firewalls

Just a little reference diagram I put together for my fellow CEH Hackers.

OSI Layer 7 – Application-Level firewall (Application level, HTTP, FTP)

OSI Layer 5 – Circuit-level gateway firewall (monitor TCP handshake,Session)

OSI Layer 3 & 4 – Packet filtering firewall (Network layer, Packet)

OSI Layer 3 & 4 – Stateful Firewall (Packet filtering, previous packet filtering, inbound traffic rules)















Robot Restaurant – Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan

Robot Restaurant is full of dancers, special effects, and even fighting robots.

Located in the Shinjuku neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan. This vid is just a sample of the 1-hour robot cabaret show.

The Show:

The plot is a little lost in the show but that is okay most people come here to see the singing, very cute japanese girls preform and to watch the animatronic robots fight. Robot Restaurant really is a fun time but you can rest assured you will leave saying what the heck did I just watch… but in a very good way. My favorite was the intro with the drums and later the Tyrannosaurus rex robot fight.

All the “floats” the performers use are robotic and moved by remote controllers.


It’s perfectly fine to take photos and non professional film equipment. Eat before or after and you can find alleys (Golden Gai) nearby for a great meal. You can go to the lobby inside and get drinks beforehand.

Buy your tickets ahead and pick up will be much quicker as the walk up line for tickets can stretch down the road. If you are visiting from outside of Japan try to calculate the subway trip time into your performance day.


Ticket Tips:

The show itself is limited in audience size and they make up for this by selling beer, mixed drinks and snacks.

When I was researching this show I found a site that gave me discounted entry tickets and a free mixed drink from


First Performance Offer:

Additionally there were even better options for online ticket purchase for shows if you come right at opening time (I think around Four PM) where they throw in free photo and snack and drink. This is actually a great idea as you can get the show in early and then walk around Shinjuku..if I had to do it again I would choose this option. This is the site I used for discount tickets

Graffiti Of Harajuku- Tokyo, Japan.

On assignment in Tokyo I had to stumble around the city in the early morning in search of Hackable WiFi spots. Before firing up Kali I decided to take some pictures as the sun started rising in the land of the rising sun. Harajuku is indeed an interesting place as most of this art you seen in this video would eventually be covered by shop signs and store displays by the time of the morning rush commute. So walking around during the day you would see less of this street art.  Normally people only come to visit this area for the Harajuku girls and Harajuku fashion but miss most of this graffiti.

Anyway, enjoy this slideshow possibly some cool stickers, tags, graffiti pieces here for inspiration.



The Instagram Game – How to blow up on Instagram, Hackers Perspective.


So why?

So you want to manipulate social media and get more followers, get more publicity and connections but somewhere in the back of your mind there is some deep dark moral hangup that’s telling you it’s not right. Maybe you are a Social media influencer for some company but kind of suck at the Instagram game. Possibly you have a friend that suggest manipulating social media is creepy, cringy and dumb. Well, screw them, get into the hacker’s mentality and do it if you want! The truth be told you are already being manipulated online already, guaranteed.


Please note: This is a quickly written and hopefully detailed tutorial with the teen and average joe in mind. There will probably be some TMI too. I wrote this up quickly and you will see Grammar and spelling errors, ignore them. Also if you do decided to use or reference any part of my post here just give me a bit of credit like “from”…kool??


How did I start?

I was given a project by a client in which the client wanted to accumulate Instagram followers but the client had no programming or computer skills. I looked at the wants and needs and came up with a game plan which I will lay out here. I will provide every link below so jut keep on reading. Since I am an extremely busy person I really didn’t want tons of phone calls from my client about something low level like this job and I didn’t want to spend my time on follows ups related to someones Instagram account so I decided to think ahead and include redundant and rollback features.

I decided that we will need a Bot program, something with a GUI and can be used by my client with lack of programming experience and if needed I can just remote to and fix. We will put our program on a computer that will always be on. I also decided that this program would also run on its virtual machine environment on that computer… for reasons you will see later.

Now after a long search I located the perfect Bot program but there is a problem. The Program is fully supported by the developers but it has almost no documentation! To add, it’s a Chinese program and the GUI translation can be a bit off. The developers company also comes off a bit shady but these types of Bot programs always run on the shady type of circles. After dealing with them for a year I can tell you they actually do care about the end user but sometimes dealing with the support you may have to ask the same question over and over due to translation issues. So I can somewhat recommend them. I have yet to be let down by this company.


Our computer environment.

I am using a server for my client but that may be not ideal for some people. Since our program will run 24 hours a day we will need a dedicated computer that can run it. The computer should be an old desktop and have any recent version of Windows. The desktop speed is not a big deal, you do not need a super fast computer. A decent processor and a few gigs of memory should do just fine as this program will be slow anyway.

A laptop will not be ideal as the laptop will most likely sleep or hibernate. The laptop would also not be functioning 24 hr a day and would be limited in stability because of moving locations. Also, something we will discuss later but you really want to keep the main issued IP of the desktop stable, less changing and with a laptop moving around you will always be getting a new IP and if this happens this will send red flags to Instagram. So get a old desktop running any recent version of windows that can be stationary.

On your desktop you will want to install VMware workstation. If you are using a iMac Desktop you can install VMware Fusion. VMware is really good about issuing serials and you can search the net for an evaluation or full serial. Once you have your desktop up running with VMware you will want to install a Windows VM. You can install Windows 10 and with Windows 10 you don’t ever have to activate it…So you can just get a random copy and serial, less to invest. You will only use the VM for one purpose which is the just to run our Bot program bot program. Further along the tutorial I will add another Instagram application but for now there will only be our program.

Put nothing else on this VM but the program. The VM you make should only house that program and nothing else, no personal files and no additional programs. Do not map shares and drives with it. Keep the VM isolated except by sharing the network. You can find tutorials on setting up VMware workstation on YouTube.

So why VMware? Because VMware snapshots which are dynamic backups of the complete settings of the VM computer are going to be tremendously important with these types of Bot programs. Why pull your hair out after a program failure trying to recreate previous settings or something that you had running great when you can just roll back to a snapshot or two and restore your complete setting on the fly. Also, if you want to move the whole project you can just move it to a USB drive and put the project on new server, computer. When importing a VM in VMware workstation always select moved over copied as Moved will keep BIOS UUID and Mac.

Desktop running windows → VMware Workstation –> VM of Windows that will run our Bot bot program

We will also install Realvnc on both the Desktop running windows and the VM of Windows that will run our Bot bot program. So if there is any issue we will have a concrete way of getting in our old desktop from a remote location.

Realvnc account for home users will give you five remote views per account for free with unlimited access and will will be using two of the five free viewers for this project. Realvnc has progressed into a encrypted cloud based remote viewer now with less configuration and more safety than in the past versions. Go to signup and select free home use. This way you can install the Android and iPhone Realvnc app to remote to your Instagram bot from anywhere in the world and the tunnel from your desktop to the app will be encrypted.


What we need this Bot program to do.

So we have the computer environment set up let’s talk about the program we need.

  • The program should also have the capability to post comments on others Instagram post, like a Instagram post and also follow and then unfollow user profiles..
  • We need to be able to search pictures, users and hashtags.In fact Hashtags will be my main focus.
  • The program needs to mimic human actions as to not get caught by Instagram AI algorithms, yes it will mostly be using a Bot bot software but we need to look more human than a Bot scripted program.
  • Mimic human characteristics.
  • Keep a stable IP address or have the ability to pin  a IP to a specific Bot or Module. Be able to proxy IP’s.
  • We will also need to login on our mobile app to check up on things from time to time. The Bot we make with only be half of the procedure.


Bot program or Bot?

Our Program will use what we call modules and modules can also be called Bots. So at this point I will be referencing Bots but these is just the modules within the program. No worries, ok? it sounds a lot harder than it is and making modules is super easy. The program we will use will be a GUI editor so you wont need to know everything. From this point on I will be referencing Bots as the modules that in our Bot program we will be using, they are one in the same, ok?

Instagram Limitations and Unwritten rules:

I talked with some very popular Black Hat SEO Hackers (individuals who hack/tweak for search engine performance) about what we can learn a lot about Instagram limitations. So after conferencing I came away with the basic Instagram rules:

Once Instagram was purchased by Facebook, Instagram incorporated Artificial Intelligence technology into its search, trending, like algorithm. This makes it very difficult to find an average way to use script like automation and it is better to use Bot programs that have a human characteristic.

You cannot “humanly” like a certain amount of post per hour and if you use a script/bot you can like even less more per hour. The Amount of likes Instagram allows in a hour is 350 BUT you don’t want to get in that threshold and honestly you will be flagged if you do over 300. I do less then 200 and have no problem gaining followers.

IP addresses must be stable, must be almost permanent. If you were to constantly moving then Instagram would see this as avoidance.

You are limited to at least 3 accounts per IP. You can buy permanent proxy IP’s from other sources if you would like to use other accounts.

There is a limitation to the amount of followers you try to follow, once reached you would have to unfollow and refollow all new ones. Having to manage that is a bit hard because it could be in the thousands of followers. You can only follow 7500 people per profile account. There is a limit to how much you can unfollow per hour also, to keep it safe most unfollow 60 per hr. So it can take several days to just unfollow those who don’t follow back.

With the new Instagram AI that was introduced about three years ago, gone are the days of instantly accumulating thousands of followers. With the new AI in place you have to slowly build. You can try and achieve gaining tons of followers but eventually the AI will catch you. You can buy fake followers but then you can get caught, the likes to followers ratio will never look right, so throw everything you thought you knew about Instagram out the window as you are dealing with a new Instagram .


Is there risk?

Occasionally YOU WILL get temporary banned, but, it’s how you handle that ban that makes all the difference.

  • How long should you wait to restart?
  • What actions can you can still perform while banned.
  • What are the best actions to do to show you are human?
  • This is where the mobile app comes into play because If you get temporary banned you will be prompted on the mobile app only and usually it will say that you are not allowed to like photos for a time period.
  • Once you find a smooth spot you will be able to run the program on autopilot and not worry.

So lets address a temporary “Like” Ban and this info is the same if you are using a bot or of you are not. If you have a temporary ban you will only be notified from the Instagram Mobile app. You will know when you go “liking” someones picture the “like” heart will quickly go from red to clear. Instantly there will be a prompt telling you that yes you are temporarily banned and here is the time frame, 3 days, a week, a few hours so the app will usually tell you the time frame ban.

If you were running the Bot during this time stop the bot from running and wait. Just take a break from Instagram until the ban time is over. You will not be able to trick or speed up a reset for ban… won’t happen BUT while you are temporary banned from liking you can still do other things like  leave a comment on someones picture, you want to do that at random times. In fact you should only just make a few comments, less then 8 a day at random times. You can comment on someones pic or leave a nice emoji. This will help build a case for the AI to think that you are a human.

Waiting is important. In the past you did not have to work against AI buy now you do and people feel that they can go and find thousands of real followers instantly, this will get you banned pretty quickly. Some people even wait a day or two after the ban is over, so if you had been banned for three days they come back later in five days to restart. You should start back slowly, you may get banned again instantly, just wait a while. A temporary ban is better then having your account deleted.

As your ban completes don’t jump back in at full speed. Go back to your bot and cut speed in half, increase sleep time in between task. make liking more random, look more like a human. Then as you feel better and you don’t see an additional ban increase a little the Bots function a little at a time.

I have been banned back to back for not making proper changes, after incorporating humanistic changes the bans were less frequent and now almost non existent.

The key here is speed and slow movement as you will not instantly gain 1000 subscribers overnight anyway and if you did I’m sure your account will be shut down by the AI eventually, you want to go slow as you are now interacting with AI.


Some Results first from my Bot experiments.

I’m going to jump ahead here and tell you my end results and it for me it was a bit of a shocker. I started with two blank Instagram Bots (again, modules within the Bot program) with blank Instagram profiles. I configured my first Bot to just like random pictures by searching Instagram for specific hashtags. The second bot I configured to search from a list of keywords and just follow everyone from that keyword list.

To my surprise I found that the Bot that just “liked” someone’s photo from a random hashtag gained more followers then the second Bot that just followed everyone on its keyword list (Get that keyword list here). The second Bot actually got me in more trouble in the sense that I had to manage the ones I followed, and people had to vouch (Instagram will ask users if my profile looks real or fake) for my profile being real.

So, Simply liking someones picture gained the best in this platform.

I always see people who try to rush and get followers by following people then unfollowing to make room for new followers, yeah… you don’t need to do all that work.



So What Is Our Bot Program?

Now for the Bot program we will use to make the Bots. Like I said above this is a program that hangs in shady circles but is becoming more mainstream so it’s going to be a bit quirky but OMG is it actually powerful when you unleash it’s potential. It is called FollowingLike Pro and there are several user account versions from a single Instagram account which most of you will use to various other platform versions including Reddit and Tumblr.

When I first started using this program I purchased the unlimited ultimate version and at that time it was cheap and had just a few platforms, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest so I was grandfathered in the platform upgrades.

Since the most recent upgrades the cost has also risen. BUT we are dealing with Instagram here so if you are a young person you can just get the single Instagram account version.

If you purchase it.

If you purchase on the checkout page save your serial right there! Email it to yourself from the webpage, it’s hard to get it again and this is one of those lost in translation issues I mentioned before. There is no scam about it but I think they could do a bit better with this part. If not you will have to wait a while to get them to send you it. Like I mentioned before most of this is lost in translation stuff, how we do things vrs how they do things.

Be forewarned that this application is limited to just two computers and not running at the same time. Meaning if you want to run it on two computers there can only be one app running at a time. The computer that authenticates your serial upon start of the FollowingLike Program will see both programs and will ban you. So just run one at a time. Also, keep them on the same computer forever, don’t move the program around alot..Think ahead before your install. The serial is tied to the MAC Address of your computer so this is where the VM setup comes in great as you can just copy the VM to another computer, just make sure you transport the VM into the Workstation properly.

Also if the program freaks you out and you want a refund, within a reasonable time, just reply to their paypal email or go to the forum. It may take a day or two but they will refund you. I have had one refunded and I have see others in the forums get refunded. So they do… just slow.



Installation Tips for Followinglike.

You may get a virus warning and this is normal and since you have this program running on it’s own isolated VM you should have nothing to worry about, now you see one reason why the VM is isolated?. I suspect as part of their remote license authorization matches a virus signature but I haven’t had any issues with the program and my clients account has never had any issues and we have been running it over a year now. On their website they go further into why you may get this warning.

On your Windows VM just go to Windows Defender > Settings> Excluded Files and Locations and add the WhiteHatBox and FollowingLike directories.

The program must also be run in Administrator mode.

Once purchased you can go download the WhiteHatBox app which includes the FollowingLike Bot program we will be using. You can think of the WhiteHatbox app as a container holding the various programs. After you download it you can actually separate the program out by looking for its specific folder, it will run independently of the WhiteHatBox app.

WhiteHatBox main program

WhiteHatBox main program

If you want to see what is in the WhiteHatBox app you can also just download the app for free just to see what is inside and the folder breakdown. There are some small free programs included but of course we are working with FollowingLike. You can see why this can be a bit convoluted but having someone who knows the apps (me of course) break it down for you here helps out alot.


FollowLike Folder 189 inside WhiteHatBox app

FollowLike Folder 189 inside WhiteHatBox app

In the future you can just extract or copy out the FollowingLike program folder from the main Whitehatbox program which is in folder 189, you can just copy that folder, so it is simpler to navigate. Essentially you will just be circumventing the WhiteHatBox app. It will run independently of the WhiteHatBox Program.



Now lets set up the bot, go to the next blog post


Botchief Pro

FollowLike Instagram 1 account version

FollowingLike Unlimted

The Instagram Game – How to blow up on Instagram, Hackers Perspective. – Setting Up Our Followinglike Module.

Before we start.

This is part two of the THE INSTAGRAM GAME series. You will need this Program called FollowingLike and hopefully you have already read the first part here.

Let’s begin our first startup of our program.

The first thing you will notice after putting your serial in would be how the program talks back to WhiteHatBox license server. The program is going to login and validate you, this is why you will not be able to run multiple computers but as I mentioned by placing it in the VM we can easily move it if anything happens to our PC or Server. So once Followinglike starts we arrive at this screen which looks like a low budget excel sheet but trust me it is powerful if you know how to use it.

FollowingLike Login into the White hat server.

FollowingLike Login into the White hat server.

Adding personal account in FollowingLike

Adding personal account in FollowingLike

As you can see there are three tabs.  Style | Accounts Manager | Task Manager


In Style Tab you can change the aesthetics of the program. Not many options but in the future possibly they will incorporate more schemes, I don’t really use it so let’s skip it.

Account(s) Manager

In the accounts manager is where you are going to add your Instagram profile. You will make a category first. This is great if you want to control multiple accounts from different organizations. This seems redundant at first but when you start running multiple threads for various accounts it will make sense. If you are just running one profile it seems a bit like overkill. Below I added a thought chart on how I see their concept.

Limit Tab

The Accounts Manager is also where you set the Limit rate. This limitation rate will affect all module settings. The Limit tab will set the speed rate of liked photos, the speed on which the module comments on a picture and the speed of post. The limits tab is new and I really don’t know why it is in the Accounts area but the Limit Tab affects all functions regarding speed of your modules. So if you run  into a slow down check the limits.

FollowingLike Limit Tab

FollowingLike Limit Tab

Task(s) Manager

The Task manager tab is where we get into putting our modules together and its these modules combined that make our bot.You will have the opportunity to create many modules as you like and have them all run in order or have multiple threads going. I’m going to warn you now if you have a single account I would just run one thread at a time, if you are managing several accounts with different IP’s you should and can run multiple threads.


 Our First Category

For this example below I will use the Category Personal and then inside that I will place my actual MythoCo Instagram account profile, the login and password. If I did have a specific IP or Proxy IP address I will add them here. You do not need a IP or Proxy, this is an option for advance users. If you plan on using just one personal account you can leave that blank and the program will just use your home IP.

So go check the Instagram checkbox and then go to the Add in the Category Manager. This will be the Instagram Icon checkbox on the left then go above to the tab that has Add (left side, has brown people icons) .

Click Add and create category… enter your category name here.

Go back again to the account category and click the triangle which will show the sub icon of your category. Click on your category checkbox (In my case it will be Personal) then go over to blue and green single person icon that has Add. This will add the account into your category. Fill out your Instagram username and password and click OK.

Adding personal account in FollowingLike

Adding personal account in FollowingLike



Test and sync your account.

As you can see below here, I have added the Mytho Instagram profile login setting and now we need to see if there are any issues logging in. We will click the start button to the far right  in the Check Accounts Box which will sync our Instagram account. When the account sync is complete it will fill out its table with values. You can see by this example FollowingLike is currently syncing our Mytho account.  We have 931 pictures, We are following 451 accounts and we have 2928 Followers, the status is still checking but once it completes it should let us know if there are any errors. So by doing this you have added your Instagram profile into your category and tested it to see if sync was possible.

Adding personal account in FollowingLike

Adding personal account in FollowingLike

A Simple like module creation. 

Now add Task!

Once we have successfully added our Instagram account to our category we can now create modules and this is the heart and soul of this program. Click over to the Task(s) Manager.

From here we get a similar interface with the Instagram Icon and checkbox as the Account(s) Manager, except that on the left now is Task List instead of Account category.

This again will feel redundant but we are working with a different tab. This is where we make the functions of our bot. So click the checkbox on the intagram icon in left hand task list. Go to the top Task(s) Manager taskbar and click Add, the Add icon will be on the left and look like a checklist with a green plus.

Once that opens we will be prompted with the Add Task prompt. Add a task name, again I am just going to use Mytho but here you can use anything really, in the past I have named them “Likes Vr1” or “Likes working great Vr2” because we are making a like bot first.

FollowingLike Task Name

FollowingLike Task Name

Once you click OK the prompt will open up to this below. Do not close it out.  This is the Task setting for your module. This is where you will add functions and tweak them out. Once you have your account set up you will spend most of your time in this location. As you can see here in your Task Setting Dialog box there are two cells. The left will have the Task Category, in this case Instagram, so choose Instagram from the drop down list.

Now you have loaded the Instagram module and tools but you have to right click on the Instagram Module Icon to add them..

It will load the Instagram Icon with the Module (right Click here) Then right click on it and choose the Account module.


FollowingLike module drop down

FollowingLike module drop down

Always follow this formula:

  1. Account
  2. Text (Keywords)
  3. Search (Photo, user, hashtag)
  4. Function (Like, comment, ect)

You always want to start with Account Module.

Add the Account Module first. Then choose the category that has your Instagram account. As you can see here it shows my category and then account. Just click both check marks. If you have other categories and user accounts you would be able to choose them all or just one here. You can also fetch your accounts for this module below randomly that’s what that “how to fetch data” means.


FollowingLike Module section

FollowingLike Module section

The Text Module is next.

Next we are going to add the text, this is where the search keywords are. These can be hashtags or keywords. Do not add the # symbol and always add one value per line and make sure there are no whitespaces. Now you can manually add a keyword but there is a better way. You can import a CSV and simply put that is kind of like an excel sheet with the keywords in each cell. I will show you another simple way to make a keyword list in notepad in another post.

FollowingLike Text module section

FollowingLike Text module section

Below I am in the Text module and have clicked on the One Value Per Line button. This Button will let us import a CSV file and as you can see above will automatically give each keyword its separate cell.

You can also download a list as CSV by exporting it or If you have an already exported keyword list you can also re-upload that keyword list.

As you can see in the screenshot below I created a Text Module and pressed the One Value per line button. The open dialog box is looking for my CSV file we made, in this case I made another called Sept-All_hashtags_2017 and when I open it all the Keywords will be added into the Text Module. Now, I have added about 2000 before and I don’t think there is a limit issue so you can mess around with various sized word list.

FollowingLike load hashtags

FollowingLike load hashtags

 About our Keyword list.

OK, as you can see below it was added successfully. all future searches and future modules you add will come from this list. I set the Fetch to Random and I set the How to delete data after fetch and use: to Don’t delete, this way it will just recycle and reuse the keyword list within the program. You can have multiple Text modules and multiple search modules.. so that your searches look sporadic.


FollowingLike keywords module

FollowingLike keywords module


Now we search!

OK, so now that we have the Bot foundation. Now we can mess around and try the other modules.

We are making a like bot so let’s go look for some pictures to like! Add the Search Photos Module.

We right click and add Module>Search> Search photos.


FollowingLike search photos

FollowingLike search photos


The Search Photos module is added below the others, there is a hierarchy so keep that in mind.

Under Account source we are going to choose the 1.Account module from the drop down

Under the Search Keyword we are going to choose the 2.Text we made above with our Keyword list.

The search amount is just that the number of searches against the keyword list you like. If you recall when setting up our keyword list we choose random  keywords so here we are really telling the Bot to Search Photos modules to seek out 30 random keywords and search for them in Instagram picture hashtags.

Underneath the search amount is Timeout… this is the time in milliseconds or seconds (haven’t actually looked into it) Well basically its a time amount that lets the Followinglike load the picture… It’s default setting is 240 but I set mine to 300 or 400 just so I give the program a little time to load, this helps get the picture I want to load some extra time.

Under Search Type they recently added Fuzzy search and I use this quite often as it sort of gets close to the keywords in my search I was looking for. This will give you some wiggle room in your keyword search. So accurate I assume here will just search the keywords as they are whereas a fuzzy search will find partial words in keywords, again I am assuming here.

OK, the next part is how to deal with our search so we are going to fetch the search results by choosing a random row, meaning that this search photos module will use our keyword list and go out into Instagram like a human and then bring back a list of links of pictures that match the keyword hashtags. It will actually save the links into a internal table, like excel, and then it ask well what do we do with that table when we are done?

So here I have chosen to go out and look for 30 keywords bring it to a table and don’t delete any of them because I will use them all in the next module we add.

Make sense…eh this is what you get when I write a tutorial at 4am….lol

FollowingLike Search photo module

FollowingLike Search photo module

So now that the search photos module has done its job and and fetched me links of photos that matched my keyword list, what do we do with it?

We use it in the next module, see how this works the top foundation modules are feeding the bottom functions of other modules, you can get creative with this.

OK, back on topic we are going to take that fetched data that is sitting in the table in our search photo module and we are going to apply a function of liking the pictures but we are going to let the program do this in a humanistic way.


We add the Like module

Go into our Task Setting and choose the Like module. You will pull the info into the like module from the Post Source 3.SearchPhotos and then we reference the 1. Account (currently our only account) under Account Source,  The “Run all Source” checkbox means it will run whatever you previously searched in the previous module (3. Searchphotos) so it will like everything it found in the search module.

If you want to divided up the likes you can just have it choose to like 15 here and then make another like further down and reference 3. Searchphotos and like the other remaining 15. Again, you can get creative.

The timeout is set to 300 to go back to the Instagram image from the previous fetched table and again I always choose Random Row  and don’t delete.

The data is saved until you purge it and if you don’t want to save any of it you can choose delete after fetched.

FollowingLike "Like" module

FollowingLike “Like” module



Here is the deal… you have plenty of time to like people pictures, if your bot was human wouldn’t you give it a rest like a human? So let’s randomize it up a bit.

In the Account Tabs we can go to set the random limit in between liking a photo from 0 seconds to 9999 seconds. I set mine at 1 to 15 seconds but you can set to to whatever you like. This will randomly generate a sleep window between the action of liking a photo. This will also let the program pick a random time. This will help in making the module run more like a human. Additionally if needed you can place a sleep module in between tasks to slow down the linking processes. This is optional because the new Limit Tab in the Account manager basically does the same thing.

FollowingLike sleep

FollowingLike sleep

Let’s run our Bot.

OK, we are set and all these modules have come together to create our bot, the combination of modules is what makes the bot.

So lets test it.Usually on the first test I run just once. If it is successful I do a loop run and just let it go until i choose to stop it. This screenshot below should be self explanatory.

FollowingLike Start Run

FollowingLike Start Run


On the left below is a timer circle and the tables of our module in action will turn from white to green, the table that is currently active will always be yellow.

OK, so what happens if all you see is red tables? well Red means failure, so check your account again from the accounts manger and if you are able to sync then its something within your modules. I would check the keywords portion first as this is probably going to be the most problematic area, keywords importing and keyword white space was always a issues when I first started this program


FollowingLike Running

FollowingLike Running


Once you get your bot where you want it, working properly and you like the results. go to setting and choose to turn off the debug window and disable images and advertisement (kind of odd they add advertisement to a product your purchase but oh well…lol) I’m sure that will go away eventually.

FollowingLike debug

FollowingLike debug


If you like this and want to repay me I would sure like YouTube followers. Click on my link to my YouTube channel and subscribe. I am putting together some cool videos soon. I have some DC spy neighborhood history videos that I am working that are really neat and then some urban exploring videos and hacking tutorials soon too. Thanks.

 Be sure to view post below for the Keywords and How to edit CSV in notepad.

Edit a CSV file in Notepad

Lets make that list real quick in Notepad.

You don’t need Excel or a CSV editor to create a CSV document. All you need to do is go to Notepad in windows and save as .csv… below are directions.

Don’t worry, I will have a list you can download here and here. I accumulated a bunch of keywords from random websites BUT if you choose to make your won follow the steps below.

Go to Notepad on your VM  and open it to a new Notepad. Paste your keywords each giving them their own single line. Very Important: Remove all whitespaces, if whitespaces are left around your keywords all of your searches will fail.

So you can do this, first paste in the words in a single line each. Then go to Edit > Replace. The replace dialog prompt box will show. Now in the Find What filed just space bar once. This will create a blank whitespace so if notepad finds any whitespace it will replace it with what we choose next. In the Replace with put in a single ” and hit replace all. all of your words should now have a ” on the end. you need to go down the list now and add a ” to the front of the word. Ok, essentially  what we are trying to do here is make sure there are no white spaces and also to put each word in “quotes”. These “quotes” will create our cells once we save the text document BUT….I have to show you how to save it.

OK so now we have a keyword list and all the keywords are surrounded by “quotes” and the list has no whitespaces within the “quotes”  (example of bad –> “keyword “) Then we have to save that list. Click Save as and at the bottom you will see File Name and Save as type. By default the Save as type will be .txt change that by dropping down the box to All Files. Then you can name it something like i did here AllHashTags.csv. Add .csv to your File name. By changing the Save as type you are instructing Notepad to save it as exactly what is in the File name window.


As Promised here are the TXT and CSV version of the most popular Keyword list of 2017. Just click the CSV version download for easy importing into your FollowingLike Software.


UPDATED: 2017 – 2018 Free Instagram Keywords in CSV and TXT file format.

As Promised here are the TXT and CSV version of the most popular Keyword list of NOV 2017. I just updated and removed duplicates keywords.

Just click the CSV version for easy importing into your FollowingLike Software.

KeywordsNov2017– TXT version

KeywordsNov2017– CSV Version

As mentioned above this is a list of compiled keywords scraped from multiple sources across the web, this is all you will need to start scanning Instagram for great profiles and followers. I precompiled this for use as CSV or you can get the TXT version to use with other apps and progs. Just download and you are good to go. These keywords are geared to  the FollowingLike software but can be used for anything really.

You will need this Program called FollowingLike and hopefully you have already read the first part here.


Adventures with Customizing and Configuring an Electric skateboard.

So, I received an electric skateboard in the mail the other day from Paradox Longboards. While it took a VERY long time to ship from China to the US I was really surprised at how nice the Skateboard and its accessories are.

Essentially it looked like a custom E-Wheelin Skateboard. The one that I received had a bit more horsepower than the typical ones they sell. I did run into issues as the first skateboard died but Paradox Longboards replaced that with a working one and while it did take forever to receive the company did stand behind their product and honor the warranty.

OK so let’s talk about what I did with it as this was more of a hardware move then a hack.  The Penny size board was fun but I decided I needed to get a longer deck so that I could have more control. Luckily, I had a dead board to mess with and I used it as a template to deconstruct and move the working board onto a new longboard deck. I choose a 38-inch-long by 9.37 width deck that I got off eBay for under $40.

I used the top white cover where the control and battery, I will refer to this as control housing, sit as the template and drilled the holes from bottom to top of the deck, thinking ahead about using the grip tape to cover any blemishes I create.


I also found a neoprene type of double sided sticky tape which was also 7” Wide x 14” Long which I also used under the control housing between the skateboard deck.

So, before any work I made sure to take tons of pictures, pictures of the direction of the trucks and pictures of the directions of the wires connected to the trucks. I also took pics of the control unit since I had it opened and compared to the failed skateboard.

Moving the trucks, control unit and padding was super easy once I had the control unit predrilled holes in place. I say that prep time was so much more longer than the time it took to move the parts over to the new deck.

Once I got the hardware, control unit and trucks moved over I got creative… I decided that I would make the grip tape design on the new electric skateboard deck in the design of the Washington, DC state flag. Now people probably don’t realize that the Washington DC state flag is part of George Washington official Coat of Arms, since I am a DC guy and patriotic this design concept worked out great for me.


I had to use a mail order service for the grip tape as not many people used that length of tape and luckily, I found an awesome online shop called that includes FREE shipping with NO minimum, so I got a very long length of red grip tape and a long length of black for about 5$ each with free shipping.

Links to some sources:

DuPont Circle – Abandon Subway / Streetcar line – Urban Exploration in Washington, DC

So I was allowed to go past the locked grate and down into the old abandon Subway / Streetcar line.

Not too many people know that under DuPont Circle in Washington, D.C. is an abandon Subway / Streetcar line. The space is kind of odd as it is so expansive and yet so empty.

The first images you see are with the platform and that area is the only area that has electricity.  I was kind of surprised on how clean it was. You would think with an abandon Subway/Streetcar line you would have a rat or two, nope none.

There are several entrances but mostly it is completely sealed up. The tunnel in its current form has no destination and no purpose. Essentially you just end up in a big circle. The ends of the line are blocked up with concrete.

So as we toured the complete line we occasionally ran into an art exhibit and it was a neat surprise as it was not featured or mentioned. You can check the pics below.

Now I will say that I believe there are two more of these older abandon lines around, I wont divulge the locations of them yet but I have seen older Subway / Streetcar line Pics showing more underground stops and they can been seen on Google earth. I have located a door of another near 14th st.

You see more info here from WashPo about the circle, good link with a map 



I will add more pics and video soon, if you do decided to steal these or screenshot, or use these pics just remember to use a simple “Pic’s courtesy of”.

I shot this video with my Samsung Galaxy 6 and most of the walk was in the dark so I really didn’t have the pro lighting and camera because I really wanted to de-stress from work and just have fun while also taking shots and video on my phone. I also edited this on the Samsung Galaxy…lol Yea it has a edit app that I used so quality on this vid is not the best…lol

2017 : NEO America

These are my random thoughts from the past 2 months, I believe 2017 will be a rapidly changing time.

2017 is the boom year for technology. Most of my concepts come from tech talks and breakthroughs which you can find on the net.

Humans have finally reached a pivotal point where technology is excelling at such a speed it will hit you like a Mac truck. We have finally reached unprecedented futurism events.

Let’s start with some current events.

Introduction to GenZ.

GenZ or iGeneration are after Millennials that will be the first generation to grow up completely in the digital age.  The generation that is ditching hanging out in real life for ‘Live Chilling’ which is an online hangout presence. Generation Z is 25% more addicted to their digital devices then Millennials. GenZ are designed to have a common global mentality ditching the nationalism of independent countries, probably a first in human history. GenZ will also gladly give away privacy and on such a larger scale then previous generations. GenZ will be the first Global Generation.

Introduction to Transhumanism.

Facial recognition and biometrics can tell and prejudge consumers that are interested in shops and businesses. Implants will be available within 9 years making GenZ the first transhumanist generation. Currently GenZ is dropping labels and genders quickly and replacing them with ideas and ideology. This transition is considered the Fourth industrial revolution. This year alone Billions of dollars have been shifted into the AI field and merging human add-ons. 2017, Biotechnology is moving at 5 times the speed of Moore’s law, doubling in knowledge every 4 months.

You will be swallowing, wearing and living in a computer driven hyper world highly advance and super connected. Brain Chips and sensors will be common place in exchange for convenience.


it seems in the past year we have all felt uneasy and uncomfortable in which the way the earth and the human experience is colliding. So far global weather events with extreme heating and cooling is putting us in place for possibly another substantial human disaster. Possibly pulling in radiation from external sources and heating up our earths ring of fire while adding to Global warming. The earths wildlife and fish is experiencing a die-off. Everyday a new news report shows us beaching of wales, dolphins and birds falling from the sky without any justification and no signs of foul play baffling scientist around the world.


Earth from the Human experience has become more complex than ever before. Yes, you can argue that other generations have had their share of worse issues but I want to make a clear distinction here as I am speaking on a psychological movement. Millennials have the lowest work ethic. Millennials also have the lowest scores in reading comprehension, the lowest scores in math aptitude, the lowest scores in public education. Some consider American Millennials the worlds least skilled. Follow that up with GenZ which are going to be the most digital, entrepreneurial, multitasking generation on the planet. We don’t have test Gen Z test scores yet but the outlook is a much more improved human as compared to their failing counterpart Millennial.

Protest & Action.

In the past movements, protest and altercations resulted in some form of direct action. In today’s protest and movements we don’t see that action in fact we only see the movement itself, something is missing.

Notice in Occupy Wall St that there was a lack of direction and accomplishment. Notice how most of online protests don’t really seem to accomplish anything. The protesters in some cases don’t even know the full details of what they were protesting. It’s a lack of information but yet they are surrounded in information. The truth is no matter how predictable humans can be much of the time they are unpredictable. There have been many movements that have followed this same pattern. Arab spring, Egypt Uprising, Occupy Wall st, “Anonymous Type” of Hacktivism (gathering masses to hack in the name of.) These movement trends and up with the same pattern, acquire bodies and never complete the task and even in some cases go back to the way it was. Some people have even been killed by being disposable and standing in streets to block traffic, the leaders of these marches and protest have even been encouraging the injury of their supporting protester for “the cause”. To be clear there has been no direct result as of now to this type of activism, only the collection of people.

Be careful for what you sign up for and be careful who you think you support in protest for in this digital age facial recognition is now a fingerprint. The way Protest and actions have been organized lately you never know who really is the one controlling the group, some union that front some political philosophy that you may not agree with.

As for personal experience I have worked for a organization that would routinely have protesters show up and stand in front of our building. Now some of them were nice and some were the violent dressed in all black kind. Our buildings always had cameras filming. We had multiple job interviewees apply and come in and get interviewed and nearly 99% hired until security ran their faces against a recognition software and some were at those protest, they never got hired as it was too risky and they lost out on a life change career and a lot of money… so be careful where you place yourself these days!!



GenZ will change the way we see media. Traditional TV is dying right before your eyes and news outlets must now create news to compete with YouTube channels, yes, I know that sounds crazy but take this in. One of the most top producing YouTubers has over 53 million subscribers and pulls in Millions in advertising a month. The shift to new media platforms will continue to progress. if you were to compare that to 5 years ago, when the average YouTuber star had just shy of a  million subscribers and pulled in 100,000. + A year.  The growth boom is happening now. In fact it really is the best time to get into video/vlog creation.

Reality TV made it possible and the celebrities you were familiar with are dying out and are out of touch with the American audience. The new generations will look to YouTube stardom..


As I mention News is dying as far as in the traditional sense. The News corporations are looking for another angle and are tasking Millennials and GenZ with their way in. When a YouTuber has 10x more subscribers then the Top National News then you know there is an issue.

Fake news is nothing more then propaganda and all media is using this tactic. Using Bots and Wordspinners National News outlets have moved in several phases to become purely offensive mode. From its roots that began in general reporting has now moved into purely commentary with permanent guest panels. You cannot and should not trust any news source at this point and in the future, it will only progress to character assassination and public manipulation to achieve pay per clicks. Everyone loves a tragedy and mean people click = $$$


So where is this going? Worldwide acceptance of global technology.  Nations frameworks will be replaced with Technology and Big IT will be the government.  Liberal Order is collectively taking branch in local and global economies and governments. This will be the year of the start of dramatic changes in global positions, economies and weather events.

More to come….


Free Burp Suite training!

So I was looking for new different perspectives on the Burp Suite modules and thats when I found this really great Burp Suite Medium / Beginner course that I thought I would share. This is a completely free sign up and very well laid out course with provided material. Brought to you by Geri Revay at Aether Security Lab… go check it out.

I dont know how many times I have seen Burp Suite as a recommended tool from HR headhunters so if you are breaking into the Pen/Sec world this is for you.

Free Burp corse




Quick USB console to Raspberry Pi setup.

The Setup

Setting up console in Linux for the Raspberry pi is super easy. The main idea is you have two configurations that need to meet in order for the devices to talk to each other. On the Raspberry Pi side you make a small change to a file in the boot partition and on the Linux workstation you run a command in Terminal to match the speed and location setting.

So you need to download one package on your Linux workstation. The package is called “screen” and it is simple to use and download.

On your Linux workstation

For Fedora:  sudo dnf install screen

Other versions:  sudo apt-get install screen

Once screen is installed you can test it by typing screen and look for the Terminal top bar to change.

On the Pi

On the Raspberry Pi (Or Any Pi) you need to configure the cmdline.txt

Just add:  console=ttyAMA0,115200

Run in Terminal

In Terminal:  sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200



The Pin Out

USB console cable would be:

  • Black cable (Ground) to pin 6
  • White cable (Transmits) to pin 8
  • Green cable (Receive) to pin 10
  • Red cable (Power) For now leave disconnected.

Click to enlarge – Pin out for USB serial to Raspberry Pi




Spy Proof Secret Email Account- ProtonMail.

Just a short preview of Protonmail. In the video you will see an example of what happens when you send an email to a non Protonmail member. I also just show some basic features of using Protonmail, You can still send non encrypted emails to others as like any other email system.



How to Install Kali linux with full features on Raspberry Pi Vr. 2 – All Apps and RDP – 1 of 2

Kali and the Raspberry Pi.

When the developers of Kali Linux approached porting the OS to the Raspberry Pi 2 they came up with a unique strategy of offering a base system and then creating an apt-get process to download bundled and preconfigured tool sets. Most researchers won’t fully use the Raspberry Pi as sole Kali product but researchers will use the Raspberry Pi version of Kali as an extension of their own shell, such as a remote wireless auditor. So once we download the base OS you will immediately notice how streamline and easy it is to add the Kali tools and removing them as bundles using the same method. The video is coming soon.

It should be noted here that Offensive Security Group which houses the Raspberry Pi version of Kali is an author and creator of the Kali project. Offensive Security Group also houses Metasploit, the Exploit Database, and Backtrack.  Auditor Linux – the first pen suite I ever used by people affiliated with this group.


Only download the image from Offensive Security Group by either the OSG home page or the homepage. If you download from other sources you really have no idea what you are getting!!!

Get the Kali image for Raspberry PI We will be showing you here two ways to set up your Pi and both versions are correct. I am going to show you my way first and then a suggested way from the OSG blog in my next post.

My install method.

After we download the minimal image from OSG write it to ur MicroSD and place it in the Pi we then add our Wi-Fi adapter and plug HDMI to our monitor. Usually I go with headless installs but we need to log in one time visually to accept the default desktop and add your Raspberry Pi to the home Wi-Fi network, alternately of course you could just plug your Pi into your router via eth cable and access it that way but the Raspberry Pi is more reliable than say the Orange Pi so I like to do the Raspberry wirelessly.

So with our Pi up and accessible we then resize the MicroSD by running the wiggle script

If these command do not work add sudo and try again.


Expand the SD!

There are two ways to resize the SD card. If the wiggle script does not work try the second longer option.

First Method:

After resize is complete it will ask you to press enter to reboot, please do. Only run once!


chmod +x rpi-wiggle

sudo ./rpi-wiggle

Or try this method to download Rasp-config to expand the SD:

Second Method:




dpkg -i triggerhappy_0.3.4-2_armhf.deb

dpkg -i lua5.1_5.1.5-7.1_armhf.deb

dpkg -i raspi-config_20150706_all.deb




After reboot and resize we log back in, using ssh.   

ssh –l root 192.168.x.x

We then update:

apt-get update

We then upgrade:

apt-get upgrade




Get Remote!

Install xrdp so you can RDP from Linux or a Windows box or even your Phone into your Pi:

apt-get install xrdp

Start the xrdp:

service xrdp start

In other versions of Linux xrdp will automatically start on reboot but on Kali you may have to force it to autostart when loaded by running this command to append xrdp to autostart:

sudo update-rc.d xrdp enable  – info about update-rc.d


Beef it up!

Now we have access to our Raspberry Pi running a slim version of Kali and we need to beef it up with some useful tools. First we add wireless security suite and the we will follow it up with RTL-SDR.

Please browse over to Kali Metapackages for more detail of all packages you can add.

So we already have the base system and this project I had envisioned using my Pi as remote WiFi hacking tool so I will start with the WiFi hacking metapackage.

apt-get install kali-linux-wireless 

This will take some time to install, also note the GB size of each package. As you can see the more you add the larger the space it takes up.

Next I would like to add PWTools for a side project, I will go ahead and add it after the wireless metapackage completes.

apt-get install kali-linux-pwtools

After both installs are complete you just need to add your secondary WiFi card, promiscuous mode, and you are ready to extend your shell.


Now it’s incredibly important that I let you know if you decide to go with a full install it may take over several hours. I did manage to install the full and it took over 3 hrs, It took 40 min alone to download the packages and the a few hours to unpack and install them and after the install the OS was kind of funky.


Uninstall Kali metapackages.

You can also uninstall packages in this method. Say you just want the wireless auditing metapackage but you have decided not to use the PWTools  metapackage. Well all you have to do is uninstall that metapackage group something like this:

apt-get remove kali-linux-pwtools or apt-get purge kali-linux-pwtools




Atlantic Research Interview 40B

Kali Linux Metapackages – Getting the missing tools properly.

Kali Linux ARM images.

When the developers of Kali Linux approached porting the OS to the Raspberry Pi 2 they came up with a unique strategy of offering a base system and then creating an apt-get process to download bundled and preconfigured tool sets. Most researchers won’t fully use the Raspberry Pi as sole Kali product but researchers will use the Raspberry Pi version of Kali as an extension of their own shell, such as a remote wireless auditor. So once we download the base OS you will immediately notice how streamline and easy it is to add the Kali tools and removing them as bundles using the same method.

What are Metapackages!

As mentioned in our quick video, Metapackages are repository packages of tools packed together, with the same kind or likeness, for easy installation. These Metapackages can be used not just for the Raspberry Pi but most ARM or Slim versions of Kali Linux, also another trick you can do is add the Kali Linux distro repository links to say another Debian based Linux and add the same packages, like adding wireless hacks to Ubuntu, it can be done but that requires a bit of Linux skill and more time to explain. Anyway…  on to our Raspberry Pi example.

New installations of Kali OS Images on ARM chipsets will only have the basic top 10 Kali tools installed. You should research and configure your new installation to add the Metapackages of attack tools you will be using. Not all tools will be available but most of them are there. Tools that are not available are only missing due to the compatibility of the tool and the ARM chipset architecture. The installation is SUPER easy by using the apt-get method. For instance the command to install all wireless hacking tools is just:

apt-get install kali-linux-wireless

Links to Metapackages 

Please check out all the Kali Metapackages:

Kali Metapackages – Link includes basic name and installation size in GB.

Kali Metapackages detailed description – Basic name and detailed package content.

So you have to calculate the base image size with the add on Metapackages. In my case the uncompressed Kali image was just over 3GB and the wireless hacking tools Metapackage was 6.6GB thus totaling just under 10GB. So you will want a nice big MicroSD card to store your various Metapackages on Kali.

Special Kali Metapackages

apt-get install kali-linux-full – 9 GB

apt-get install kali-linux-all – 15GB

There are full and All versions of Metapackages, if you want to strip and slim down your Kali system and then reinstall you can. This is helpful in some instances where you want to refresh a Kali desktop environment (Yes, these same Metapackages can be installed on Kali desktop :-))

Now it’s incredibly important that I let you know if you decide to go with a full install it may take over several hours. I did manage to install the full and it took over 3 hrs, It took 40 min alone to download the packages and the a few hours to unpack and install them and after the install the OS was kind of funky.



Uninstall Kali Metapackages.

You can also uninstall packages in this method. Say you just want the wireless auditing Metapackage but you have decided not to use the SDR-RTL Metapackage. Well all you have to do is uninstall that Metapackage group something like this:

apt-get remove kali-linux-sdr or apt-get purge kali-linux-sdr 

Coming up next!

Please tune in to our YouTube channel series on installing the Kali Linux OS on the Raspberry Pi. We understand that there are many tutorials out there in the hacking community but we feel we can bring a simple common sense approach to installing. Subscribe to our channel and like our vids!

Next Tutorial

Check out this tutorial (video in the works.) How to install Kali Vr 2 for Raspberry Pi with all tools.

Also once we complete the installation series we will dive into tool tutorials with what is used in Kali OS. We will also give examples using the Raspberry Pi in real world situations.



Net neutrality – MYTHO’S PIC’S


Found this on my walk one day. – Georgetown –  Washington, DC.

OSOYOO / KeDei 3.5 inch TFTLCD touch screen for RASPBERRY PI – Including Drivers for download.


This is my Raspberry Pi connected to the  OSOYOO / KeDei 3.5 display I picked up for like $10. They sell these on eBay and Amazon. After installing it I quickly questioned the need for this as a display. Unless you have it just pipe some notifications to the display. Holding it in hand I think I will never use something this small as a full-blown monitor..

I had envisioned mine as running as just status and visual alerts…Like, Say I’m running Kali and I just want to peak at what it is doing while it’s in my bag at the local coffee shop.

Buyer Beware: It’s hard to find drivers for this LCD Manufacture. If you plan on purchasing one go bigger and look for a display that can run Notro’s LCD driver fbtft scripts.

It’s running here with what the sellers are calling a “driver” but the driver they pass around is really is a complete raspberry image which to me… kind of blows. So I went on a quest to find all the drivers and I had the hardest time searching the web  but I did eventually find them on a Chinese manufactures site. Hopefully we can all benefit from this find. I will link them here and you can download them from our GoAttack Mega Account.

So in the future I will have some Raspberry Pi images with the LCD / TFTLCD drivers set but until then Here are the links to the drivers.

OSOYOO / KeDei 3.5 inch Drivers:



Resource Blogs that are very helpful with this display:


Some additional pic’s of the LCD


Fear and Google. xvala – Mytho’s Pic’s


XVALA – In 2014, he made headlines for claiming he would use leaked nude photos of celebrities Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton in an exhibit in St. Petersburg, Florida as part of his “Fear Google” campaign.

The Hackers Way to set up a OrangePi without keyboard or monitor. AKA easy Headless install.

Originally this was going to be titled the Newbies guide to installing an Orange Pi… But I ran into issues recreating the install. The tutorial starts below the vid.

The concept I wanted to show was that with just a laptop running Linux, a home wireless router and the Orange PI we could easily set up a OrangePi without a monitor and keyboard. The problem is when I tried to test and recreate this same scenario multiple times with my same equipment it failed 2 out of 10 times. So this will not be a definitive guide but a helpful setup strategy.

It’s easy to say the OrangePi hardware is very unreliable. Also if I attached any USB WiFi card right away for some reason it would make the on board NIC inaccessible. The OrangePi also was very picky on which USB ports worked. I suspect a power issue on the USB ports but I did have a steady working port… I just had to trial and error to find it.

So for my new installs I just did not place any USB device in the OrangePi until I was ready and after applied full updates and upgrades and the RDP package was installed.

It should also be noted that if the SD card is not written properly, on windows machines because of the extraction this is typical, it will not boot! In fact it will look DOA or broken. The Pi’s do not have a BIOS so the software that is loaded into the boot partition runs the commands that normally would be found in a computer BIOS… So if no lights come on or it looks dead in most cases you will find that the card was not written properly and the Pi can not see the BOIS setting.

If the SD card is not the proper speed it will not boot! So make sure you properly extract the image if you are on windows and make sure you have a fast card.


Make sure you watch the YouTube vid first.




So with that in mind Lets begin.

This tutorial will need:
A computer with Linux.
A home router / WiFi access point.
Ethernet cable.
Orange Pi with Micro SD card.

Download Packages:
Angry IP scanner.

My suggestion would be Fedora 23 Linux. You can download a bootable working image from the site.

You will need to download the OrangePI image. I am using Ubuntu Vivid Mate.

First we need to verify which model of OrangePI we are using. Download the proper image for your Orange PI version, in my case it is OrangePI PC ver 1.2

After downloading then transferring the image to the MicroUSB using the Linux Image restore tool we will insert it into our OrangePI. By Using the builtin disk restore tool in Fedora it makes this process much easier and the image does not need to be extracted, Linux will do it all for you.

Fedora > Disk > Write image to disk

We will then connect the OrangePI straight to our wi-fi router by using an Ethernet cable.

We will then search for the OrangePI on our home network by using IP scanner such as Angry IP Scanner.

Once found on our network we will connect to the OrangePI by using SSH in Linux Terminal. Open up terminal and type the following”

ssh -l orangepi 192.168.X.X

The -l (lowercase L) is the main login username, in this case orangepi

The user name is orangepi and Password is orangepi.

We accept the security token granted to us by initiating the SSH and enter our password: orangepi

We should be in, orangepi@OrangePI will appear at the top of your terminal, we are now an extension of your OrangePi!!!


You must sudo all commands!


The order is specific. Resize, update first, add xrdp & then upgrade

Resize the partition to use the extra space

sudo fs_resize

sudo reboot


We then update the system.

sudo apt-get update


in the vid it goes very fast but you need to install the RDP package onto the Orangepi. This is so we can RDP from windows or Linux box.

sudo apt-get install xrdp


Now these OS’s are tricky and you may actually have to run these commands a few times for it to start.

After you have installed xrdp and have the system updated then we need to upgrade the OS.

sudo apt-get upgrade


From here we can reboot the system.

Next we can RDP into the OrangePi still using the Router Ethernet connection.

We have now set up the OrangePi to be used by both SSH and RDP. At this point you should be able to try to install the WiFi adapter, this will probably need more research.

You can use lsusb to list the devices in any USB port.

lsusb – list usb port devices

ifconfig – list network connections seen by the OS. Hint.. If your new connection is not listed here then its not seen.



Final thoughts.

I did not try this with the OrangePi version of Android.

First the images seem to not be consistent in design which also affects the hardware, depending on OS version USB or Ethernet ports may not be available.

I also ran into issues after installing the OS and my first boot if I had attached a USB WiFi adapter.

So in conclusion I was not able to make a concrete way of starting Orange PI for beginners BUT I have developed a way of approaching your first install, this method worked 8 out of 10 times.

The OrangePI may not be reliable as a Pi PC but you can still get it up and working to run some small projects. I have mine set up as a web server running Damn Vulnerable Web Application which is a pen test site where you can practice hacking

Also this is my first YouTube vid made from screen recording software so please be kind! hopefully in the future I will have more experience on making such vids. I am sure there are errors here as i threw this together quickly, sorry ?


wp-1452258113314My local Bubble Tea Shop’s WiFi password ?

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