I’ve been around a very long time. I retired that hacking name in 1998 and now will resurrect it again for this site.

Mytho, when I was a teen, meant to me a combination of Math, Mythology & Methods.

It’s a new year and a few nights ago I had a dream in which I launched a more immersive types of tutorials. My future post will hopefully be about computer hacking, Spy Trade-craft & hardware hacking such as Pi’s. I currently use the Orange Pi, The Raspberry Pi and the Arduino.

I had my first server and website as a teen in 1995 after receiving a large settlement, was very expensive back in those days and lots of people didn’t even know what a server was and how to obtain a domain name back then. Since then have hacked around, although hacking times back then were much easier now we have Intrusion detection devices and more advance firewalls to deal with.

My first IT position was in Washington DC and I have been here ever since working in some of the most secret areas.

So lets start vanilla, My first few tutorials will be about hardware hacking the Orange Pi because newbies say they can’t get the Orange Pi to work or they can’t fully use them and I agree.