Could Hyper poverty come soon? NEOAMERICA 2018

I always try to predict what future trends I see, if you look to my past NeoAmercian post (Jan 2017) you will see that I am almost right… this new trend is concerning to me but it must be discussed as I see no one mentioning it. 

There has been a push for world wide communism. Many Millennials would easily trade inalienable rights granted by their nations for a ideology with communal framework, universal earned income, universal expansive rights. Ironically the want for a communal framework and universal earned income is being pushed and validated by some of the worlds most wealthiest billionaires.  

This is a push because America as a world leader is going through massive changes. Back in the mid 2000’s the American dollar was constantly under attack and constantly being devalued and downgraded. This was reflective in arts such as various movies with a dystopia lifestyle.

Now that America is starting to recover from the mid 2000’s crash we are moving into more liberal acceptance of American economic growth. I mean, we are accepting new types of financial independence and types of financial growth. We are willing to take whatever we can get.

The emerging threat which is not being discussed is Hyper Poverty and this will not be a result of some government program. This new Hyper Poverty will not be some result of natural disaster. Depending on your belief this will shock you but the Hyper Poverty driven society will be the direct result of a handful. How could Hyper Poverty occur?


Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Will Reinvent The Industry As We Know It.

Artificial Intelligence Trading (AIT) has been revamped and improved beyond Moore’s law. Last month AIT became a reality with several billionaire investors backing the technology while a few top banks joined in. What does this mean for you? If you are not invested now you will never be invested…ever. The same concept you can see with our current housing market, if you were not bought in before the boom you will have the most difficult time getting a home.

What can this Artificial Intelligence Trading (AIT)  do for you? Well if you are a Billionaire that owns the “cloud” or a billionaire that owns newspapers and media companies this means you have advantage to analytic trends before average citizens. If you are one of these billionaires this means you could even drive trends into your favor, fake news and sophisticated leaking of news.

What can Artificial Intelligence Trading (AIT) do for you if you are a normal citizen? It can drive you into debt, hyperinflation, unemployment. No matter how you invest you will never beat the Artificial Intelligence Trading (AIT). No matter how much you own you will never be successful as the Billionaire that owns an AIT platform.  AI and robotics are already transforming the future work environment, seek out the list of AI and robotics that will replaces workers in 20 years and avoid these careers.

Hedge your money in various Cryptocurrency not because some fall of America but as a hedge against rising inflation and future possible poverty …but be warned  Artificial Intelligence Trading (AIT) will also be invested with you there too

Until then they will distract you with politics and movie star drama.