NongNooch Gardens

NongNooch Gardens is located in Pattaya. I am going to tell you that this has to be one of the coolest features of Pattaya. If you are in Pattaya, Thailand I highly recommend stopping in here and taking some pictures… you will be here for hours. I think I had planned only 2 hours but I stayed well over 4 hours in the Gardens.

So what can you do in the NongNooch Gardens?

  1. Ride and feed elephants.
  2. Take picture with live Tiger.
  3. Take pictures with Birds
  4. Feed fish… gigantic fish!
  5. Watch amazing cultural show (hands down awesome show)
  6. Eat.
  7. Walk the gardens… So many photography spots (your girl will love being here for pictures)
  8. See the Gigantic and lifelike Dinosaurs in the Dinosaur valley.

The NongNooch Gardens are well established and I really think it would take several million American dollars to recreate something like these gardens in the US. The gardens were founded in 1954 and set on 600 acres. They are absolutely beautiful (I am a dude and rarely sat that…lol)  There are parts of this place that are so surreal! Like parts of this place that will have you feeling you are in a different time and space.

Dinosaur valley

Hands down I have never seen such detail in the design and looks of the dinosaurs within the valley. It really is like you are standing next to the real thing. These are lifelike, gigantic towering Dinosaurs.  If it wasn’t for this garden being well established I guarantee that you would not find the amount of detail, it would just cost way to much, but here it must be easier for them to create.

Anyway, Hack the Planet and on to my next adventure, please enjoy some quick video of NongNooch Gardens and Dinosaur Valley which can all be seen on the grounds of NongNooch Gardens Pattaya Thailand.