So, I received an electric skateboard in the mail the other day from Paradox Longboards. While it took a VERY long time to ship from China to the US I was really surprised at how nice the Skateboard and its accessories are.

Essentially it looked like a custom E-Wheelin Skateboard. The one that I received had a bit more horsepower than the typical ones they sell. I did run into issues as the first skateboard died but Paradox Longboards replaced that with a working one and while it did take forever to receive the company did stand behind their product and honor the warranty.

OK so let’s talk about what I did with it as this was more of a hardware move then a hack.  The Penny size board was fun but I decided I needed to get a longer deck so that I could have more control. Luckily, I had a dead board to mess with and I used it as a template to deconstruct and move the working board onto a new longboard deck. I choose a 38-inch-long by 9.37 width deck that I got off eBay for under $40.

I used the top white cover where the control and battery, I will refer to this as control housing, sit as the template and drilled the holes from bottom to top of the deck, thinking ahead about using the grip tape to cover any blemishes I create.


I also found a neoprene type of double sided sticky tape which was also 7” Wide x 14” Long which I also used under the control housing between the skateboard deck.

So, before any work I made sure to take tons of pictures, pictures of the direction of the trucks and pictures of the directions of the wires connected to the trucks. I also took pics of the control unit since I had it opened and compared to the failed skateboard.

Moving the trucks, control unit and padding was super easy once I had the control unit predrilled holes in place. I say that prep time was so much more longer than the time it took to move the parts over to the new deck.

Once I got the hardware, control unit and trucks moved over I got creative… I decided that I would make the grip tape design on the new electric skateboard deck in the design of the Washington, DC state flag. Now people probably don’t realize that the Washington DC state flag is part of George Washington official Coat of Arms, since I am a DC guy and patriotic this design concept worked out great for me.


I had to use a mail order service for the grip tape as not many people used that length of tape and luckily, I found an awesome online shop called that includes FREE shipping with NO minimum, so I got a very long length of red grip tape and a long length of black for about 5$ each with free shipping.

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