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The Instagram Game – How to blow up on Instagram, Hackers Perspective.


So why?

So you want to manipulate social media and get more followers, get more publicity and connections but somewhere in the back of your mind there is some deep dark moral hangup that’s telling you it’s not right. Maybe you are a Social media influencer for some company but kind of suck at the Instagram game. Possibly you have a friend that suggest manipulating social media is creepy, cringy and dumb. Well, screw them, get into the hacker’s mentality and do it if you want! The truth be told you are already being manipulated online already, guaranteed.


Please note: This is a quickly written and hopefully detailed tutorial with the teen and average joe in mind. There will probably be some TMI too. I wrote this up quickly and you will see Grammar and spelling errors, ignore them. Also if you do decided to use or reference any part of my post here just give me a bit of credit like “from”…kool??


How did I start?

I was given a project by a client in which the client wanted to accumulate Instagram followers but the client had no programming or computer skills. I looked at the wants and needs and came up with a game plan which I will lay out here. I will provide every link below so jut keep on reading. Since I am an extremely busy person I really didn’t want tons of phone calls from my client about something low level like this job and I didn’t want to spend my time on follows ups related to someones Instagram account so I decided to think ahead and include redundant and rollback features.

I decided that we will need a Bot program, something with a GUI and can be used by my client with lack of programming experience and if needed I can just remote to and fix. We will put our program on a computer that will always be on. I also decided that this program would also run on its virtual machine environment on that computer… for reasons you will see later.

Now after a long search I located the perfect Bot program but there is a problem. The Program is fully supported by the developers but it has almost no documentation! To add, it’s a Chinese program and the GUI translation can be a bit off. The developers company also comes off a bit shady but these types of Bot programs always run on the shady type of circles. After dealing with them for a year I can tell you they actually do care about the end user but sometimes dealing with the support you may have to ask the same question over and over due to translation issues. So I can somewhat recommend them. I have yet to be let down by this company.


Our computer environment.

I am using a server for my client but that may be not ideal for some people. Since our program will run 24 hours a day we will need a dedicated computer that can run it. The computer should be an old desktop and have any recent version of Windows. The desktop speed is not a big deal, you do not need a super fast computer. A decent processor and a few gigs of memory should do just fine as this program will be slow anyway.

A laptop will not be ideal as the laptop will most likely sleep or hibernate. The laptop would also not be functioning 24 hr a day and would be limited in stability because of moving locations. Also, something we will discuss later but you really want to keep the main issued IP of the desktop stable, less changing and with a laptop moving around you will always be getting a new IP and if this happens this will send red flags to Instagram. So get a old desktop running any recent version of windows that can be stationary.

On your desktop you will want to install VMware workstation. If you are using a iMac Desktop you can install VMware Fusion. VMware is really good about issuing serials and you can search the net for an evaluation or full serial. Once you have your desktop up running with VMware you will want to install a Windows VM. You can install Windows 10 and with Windows 10 you don’t ever have to activate it…So you can just get a random copy and serial, less to invest. You will only use the VM for one purpose which is the just to run our Bot program bot program. Further along the tutorial I will add another Instagram application but for now there will only be our program.

Put nothing else on this VM but the program. The VM you make should only house that program and nothing else, no personal files and no additional programs. Do not map shares and drives with it. Keep the VM isolated except by sharing the network. You can find tutorials on setting up VMware workstation on YouTube.

So why VMware? Because VMware snapshots which are dynamic backups of the complete settings of the VM computer are going to be tremendously important with these types of Bot programs. Why pull your hair out after a program failure trying to recreate previous settings or something that you had running great when you can just roll back to a snapshot or two and restore your complete setting on the fly. Also, if you want to move the whole project you can just move it to a USB drive and put the project on new server, computer. When importing a VM in VMware workstation always select moved over copied as Moved will keep BIOS UUID and Mac.

Desktop running windows → VMware Workstation –> VM of Windows that will run our Bot bot program

We will also install Realvnc on both the Desktop running windows and the VM of Windows that will run our Bot bot program. So if there is any issue we will have a concrete way of getting in our old desktop from a remote location.

Realvnc account for home users will give you five remote views per account for free with unlimited access and will will be using two of the five free viewers for this project. Realvnc has progressed into a encrypted cloud based remote viewer now with less configuration and more safety than in the past versions. Go to signup and select free home use. This way you can install the Android and iPhone Realvnc app to remote to your Instagram bot from anywhere in the world and the tunnel from your desktop to the app will be encrypted.


What we need this Bot program to do.

So we have the computer environment set up let’s talk about the program we need.

  • The program should also have the capability to post comments on others Instagram post, like a Instagram post and also follow and then unfollow user profiles..
  • We need to be able to search pictures, users and hashtags.In fact Hashtags will be my main focus.
  • The program needs to mimic human actions as to not get caught by Instagram AI algorithms, yes it will mostly be using a Bot bot software but we need to look more human than a Bot scripted program.
  • Mimic human characteristics.
  • Keep a stable IP address or have the ability to pin  a IP to a specific Bot or Module. Be able to proxy IP’s.
  • We will also need to login on our mobile app to check up on things from time to time. The Bot we make with only be half of the procedure.


Bot program or Bot?

Our Program will use what we call modules and modules can also be called Bots. So at this point I will be referencing Bots but these is just the modules within the program. No worries, ok? it sounds a lot harder than it is and making modules is super easy. The program we will use will be a GUI editor so you wont need to know everything. From this point on I will be referencing Bots as the modules that in our Bot program we will be using, they are one in the same, ok?

Instagram Limitations and Unwritten rules:

I talked with some very popular Black Hat SEO Hackers (individuals who hack/tweak for search engine performance) about what we can learn a lot about Instagram limitations. So after conferencing I came away with the basic Instagram rules:

Once Instagram was purchased by Facebook, Instagram incorporated Artificial Intelligence technology into its search, trending, like algorithm. This makes it very difficult to find an average way to use script like automation and it is better to use Bot programs that have a human characteristic.

You cannot “humanly” like a certain amount of post per hour and if you use a script/bot you can like even less more per hour. The Amount of likes Instagram allows in a hour is 350 BUT you don’t want to get in that threshold and honestly you will be flagged if you do over 300. I do less then 200 and have no problem gaining followers.

IP addresses must be stable, must be almost permanent. If you were to constantly moving then Instagram would see this as avoidance.

You are limited to at least 3 accounts per IP. You can buy permanent proxy IP’s from other sources if you would like to use other accounts.

There is a limitation to the amount of followers you try to follow, once reached you would have to unfollow and refollow all new ones. Having to manage that is a bit hard because it could be in the thousands of followers. You can only follow 7500 people per profile account. There is a limit to how much you can unfollow per hour also, to keep it safe most unfollow 60 per hr. So it can take several days to just unfollow those who don’t follow back.

With the new Instagram AI that was introduced about three years ago, gone are the days of instantly accumulating thousands of followers. With the new AI in place you have to slowly build. You can try and achieve gaining tons of followers but eventually the AI will catch you. You can buy fake followers but then you can get caught, the likes to followers ratio will never look right, so throw everything you thought you knew about Instagram out the window as you are dealing with a new Instagram .


Is there risk?

Occasionally YOU WILL get temporary banned, but, it’s how you handle that ban that makes all the difference.

  • How long should you wait to restart?
  • What actions can you can still perform while banned.
  • What are the best actions to do to show you are human?
  • This is where the mobile app comes into play because If you get temporary banned you will be prompted on the mobile app only and usually it will say that you are not allowed to like photos for a time period.
  • Once you find a smooth spot you will be able to run the program on autopilot and not worry.

So lets address a temporary “Like” Ban and this info is the same if you are using a bot or of you are not. If you have a temporary ban you will only be notified from the Instagram Mobile app. You will know when you go “liking” someones picture the “like” heart will quickly go from red to clear. Instantly there will be a prompt telling you that yes you are temporarily banned and here is the time frame, 3 days, a week, a few hours so the app will usually tell you the time frame ban.

If you were running the Bot during this time stop the bot from running and wait. Just take a break from Instagram until the ban time is over. You will not be able to trick or speed up a reset for ban… won’t happen BUT while you are temporary banned from liking you can still do other things like  leave a comment on someones picture, you want to do that at random times. In fact you should only just make a few comments, less then 8 a day at random times. You can comment on someones pic or leave a nice emoji. This will help build a case for the AI to think that you are a human.

Waiting is important. In the past you did not have to work against AI buy now you do and people feel that they can go and find thousands of real followers instantly, this will get you banned pretty quickly. Some people even wait a day or two after the ban is over, so if you had been banned for three days they come back later in five days to restart. You should start back slowly, you may get banned again instantly, just wait a while. A temporary ban is better then having your account deleted.

As your ban completes don’t jump back in at full speed. Go back to your bot and cut speed in half, increase sleep time in between task. make liking more random, look more like a human. Then as you feel better and you don’t see an additional ban increase a little the Bots function a little at a time.

I have been banned back to back for not making proper changes, after incorporating humanistic changes the bans were less frequent and now almost non existent.

The key here is speed and slow movement as you will not instantly gain 1000 subscribers overnight anyway and if you did I’m sure your account will be shut down by the AI eventually, you want to go slow as you are now interacting with AI.


Some Results first from my Bot experiments.

I’m going to jump ahead here and tell you my end results and it for me it was a bit of a shocker. I started with two blank Instagram Bots (again, modules within the Bot program) with blank Instagram profiles. I configured my first Bot to just like random pictures by searching Instagram for specific hashtags. The second bot I configured to search from a list of keywords and just follow everyone from that keyword list.

To my surprise I found that the Bot that just “liked” someone’s photo from a random hashtag gained more followers then the second Bot that just followed everyone on its keyword list (Get that keyword list here). The second Bot actually got me in more trouble in the sense that I had to manage the ones I followed, and people had to vouch (Instagram will ask users if my profile looks real or fake) for my profile being real.

So, Simply liking someones picture gained the best in this platform.

I always see people who try to rush and get followers by following people then unfollowing to make room for new followers, yeah… you don’t need to do all that work.



So What Is Our Bot Program?

Now for the Bot program we will use to make the Bots. Like I said above this is a program that hangs in shady circles but is becoming more mainstream so it’s going to be a bit quirky but OMG is it actually powerful when you unleash it’s potential. It is called FollowingLike Pro and there are several user account versions from a single Instagram account which most of you will use to various other platform versions including Reddit and Tumblr.

When I first started using this program I purchased the unlimited ultimate version and at that time it was cheap and had just a few platforms, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest so I was grandfathered in the platform upgrades.

Since the most recent upgrades the cost has also risen. BUT we are dealing with Instagram here so if you are a young person you can just get the single Instagram account version.

If you purchase it.

If you purchase on the checkout page save your serial right there! Email it to yourself from the webpage, it’s hard to get it again and this is one of those lost in translation issues I mentioned before. There is no scam about it but I think they could do a bit better with this part. If not you will have to wait a while to get them to send you it. Like I mentioned before most of this is lost in translation stuff, how we do things vrs how they do things.

Be forewarned that this application is limited to just two computers and not running at the same time. Meaning if you want to run it on two computers there can only be one app running at a time. The computer that authenticates your serial upon start of the FollowingLike Program will see both programs and will ban you. So just run one at a time. Also, keep them on the same computer forever, don’t move the program around alot..Think ahead before your install. The serial is tied to the MAC Address of your computer so this is where the VM setup comes in great as you can just copy the VM to another computer, just make sure you transport the VM into the Workstation properly.

Also if the program freaks you out and you want a refund, within a reasonable time, just reply to their paypal email or go to the forum. It may take a day or two but they will refund you. I have had one refunded and I have see others in the forums get refunded. So they do… just slow.



Installation Tips for Followinglike.

You may get a virus warning and this is normal and since you have this program running on it’s own isolated VM you should have nothing to worry about, now you see one reason why the VM is isolated?. I suspect as part of their remote license authorization matches a virus signature but I haven’t had any issues with the program and my clients account has never had any issues and we have been running it over a year now. On their website they go further into why you may get this warning.

On your Windows VM just go to Windows Defender > Settings> Excluded Files and Locations and add the WhiteHatBox and FollowingLike directories.

The program must also be run in Administrator mode.

Once purchased you can go download the WhiteHatBox app which includes the FollowingLike Bot program we will be using. You can think of the WhiteHatbox app as a container holding the various programs. After you download it you can actually separate the program out by looking for its specific folder, it will run independently of the WhiteHatBox app.

WhiteHatBox main program

WhiteHatBox main program

If you want to see what is in the WhiteHatBox app you can also just download the app for free just to see what is inside and the folder breakdown. There are some small free programs included but of course we are working with FollowingLike. You can see why this can be a bit convoluted but having someone who knows the apps (me of course) break it down for you here helps out alot.


FollowLike Folder 189 inside WhiteHatBox app

FollowLike Folder 189 inside WhiteHatBox app

In the future you can just extract or copy out the FollowingLike program folder from the main Whitehatbox program which is in folder 189, you can just copy that folder, so it is simpler to navigate. Essentially you will just be circumventing the WhiteHatBox app. It will run independently of the WhiteHatBox Program.



Now lets set up the bot, go to the next blog post


Botchief Pro

FollowLike Instagram 1 account version

FollowingLike Unlimted

UPDATED: 2018 Free Instagram Keywords in CSV and TXT file format.

As Promised here are the TXT and CSV version of the most popular Keyword list of NOV 2017. I just updated and removed duplicates keywords.

Just click the CSV version for easy importing into your FollowingLike Software.

KeywordsNov2017– TXT version

KeywordsNov2017– CSV Version

KeywordsAug2018 – CSV File – Messy

As mentioned above this is a list of compiled keywords scraped from multiple sources across the web, this is all you will need to start scanning Instagram for great profiles and followers. I precompiled this for use as CSV or you can get the TXT version to use with other apps and progs. Just download and you are good to go. These keywords are geared to  the FollowingLike software but can be used for anything really.

You will need this Program called FollowingLike and hopefully you have already read the first part here.


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