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Graffiti Of Harajuku- Tokyo, Japan.

On assignment in Tokyo I had to stumble around the city in the early morning in search of Hackable WiFi spots. Before firing up Kali I decided to take some pictures as the sun started rising in the land of the rising sun. Harajuku is indeed an interesting place as most of this art you seen in this video would eventually be covered by shop signs and store displays by the time of the morning rush commute. So walking around during the day you would see less of this street art.  Normally people only come to visit this area for the Harajuku girls and Harajuku fashion but miss most of this graffiti.

Anyway, enjoy this slideshow possibly some cool stickers, tags, graffiti pieces here for inspiration.



DuPont Circle – Abandon Subway / Streetcar line – Urban Exploration in Washington, DC

So I was allowed to go past the locked grate and down into the old abandon Subway / Streetcar line.

Not too many people know that under DuPont Circle in Washington, D.C. is an abandon Subway / Streetcar line. The space is kind of odd as it is so expansive and yet so empty.

The first images you see are with the platform and that area is the only area that has electricity.  I was kind of surprised on how clean it was. You would think with an abandon Subway/Streetcar line you would have a rat or two, nope none.

There are several entrances but mostly it is completely sealed up. The tunnel in its current form has no destination and no purpose. Essentially you just end up in a big circle. The ends of the line are blocked up with concrete.

So as we toured the complete line we occasionally ran into an art exhibit and it was a neat surprise as it was not featured or mentioned. You can check the pics below.

Now I will say that I believe there are two more of these older abandon lines around, I wont divulge the locations of them yet but I have seen older Subway / Streetcar line Pics showing more underground stops and they can been seen on Google earth. I have located a door of another near 14th st.

You see more info here from WashPo about the circle, good link with a map 



I will add more pics and video soon, if you do decided to steal these or screenshot, or use these pics just remember to use a simple “Pic’s courtesy of”.

I shot this video with my Samsung Galaxy 6 and most of the walk was in the dark so I really didn’t have the pro lighting and camera because I really wanted to de-stress from work and just have fun while also taking shots and video on my phone. I also edited this on the Samsung Galaxy…lol Yea it has a edit app that I used so quality on this vid is not the best…lol

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