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Robot Restaurant – Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan

Robot Restaurant is full of dancers, special effects, and even fighting robots.

Located in the Shinjuku neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan. This vid is just a sample of the 1-hour robot cabaret show.

The Show:

The plot is a little lost in the show but that is okay most people come here to see the singing, very cute japanese girls preform and to watch the animatronic robots fight. Robot Restaurant really is a fun time but you can rest assured you will leave saying what the heck did I just watch… but in a very good way. My favorite was the intro with the drums and later the Tyrannosaurus rex robot fight.

All the “floats” the performers use are robotic and moved by remote controllers.


It’s perfectly fine to take photos and non professional film equipment. Eat before or after and you can find alleys (Golden Gai) nearby for a great meal. You can go to the lobby inside and get drinks beforehand.

Buy your tickets ahead and pick up will be much quicker as the walk up line for tickets can stretch down the road. If you are visiting from outside of Japan try to calculate the subway trip time into your performance day.


Ticket Tips:

The show itself is limited in audience size and they make up for this by selling beer, mixed drinks and snacks.

When I was researching this show I found a site that gave me discounted entry tickets and a free mixed drink from Klook.com.


First Performance Offer:

Additionally there were even better options for online ticket purchase for shows if you come right at opening time (I think around Four PM) where they throw in free photo and snack and drink. This is actually a great idea as you can get the show in early and then walk around Shinjuku..if I had to do it again I would choose this option. This is the site I used for discount tickets www.Klook.com

Graffiti Of Harajuku- Tokyo, Japan.

On assignment in Tokyo I had to stumble around the city in the early morning in search of Hackable WiFi spots. Before firing up Kali I decided to take some pictures as the sun started rising in the land of the rising sun. Harajuku is indeed an interesting place as most of this art you seen in this video would eventually be covered by shop signs and store displays by the time of the morning rush commute. So walking around during the day you would see less of this street art.  Normally people only come to visit this area for the Harajuku girls and Harajuku fashion but miss most of this graffiti.

Anyway, enjoy this slideshow possibly some cool stickers, tags, graffiti pieces here for inspiration.



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