The Setup

Setting up console in Linux for the Raspberry pi is super easy. The main idea is you have two configurations that need to meet in order for the devices to talk to each other. On the Raspberry Pi side you make a small change to a file in the boot partition and on the Linux workstation you run a command in Terminal to match the speed and location setting.

So you need to download one package on your Linux workstation. The package is called “screen” and it is simple to use and download.

On your Linux workstation

For Fedora:  sudo dnf install screen

Other versions:  sudo apt-get install screen

Once screen is installed you can test it by typing screen and look for the Terminal top bar to change.

On the Pi

On the Raspberry Pi (Or Any Pi) you need to configure the cmdline.txt

Just add:  console=ttyAMA0,115200

Run in Terminal

In Terminal:  sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200



The Pin Out

USB console cable would be:

  • Black cable (Ground) to pin 6
  • White cable (Transmits) to pin 8
  • Green cable (Receive) to pin 10
  • Red cable (Power) For now leave disconnected.

Click to enlarge – Pin out for USB serial to Raspberry Pi